Real Estate services

Welcome to our investment company CTG-Greek properties website.

Building energy design

Construction Tech Group, based in Chania, undertakewide range of services, this services include the building energy design and energy certificates issue.

Building permits issuance

Our Company - Construction Tech Group assumes the building permits issuance and its supervision.

Ecological homes

Eco-friendly construction

Arbitrary building legalization

Construction Tech Group undertakes to perform all the necessary action for placing your property in law N4014/11 for arbitrary buildings.

Interior and exterior decoration

In home decor, our office, with photorealistic three-dimensional drawings (3D), study with you, different suggestions.

Building renovation - restoration

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Supervision and Project Management

Supervision and Project Management.

Structural building design

Perhaps the most important in building construction is the structural design.

Architectural designs

Architectural designs for aesthetically flawless buildings.