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Construction Tech Group (Consulting Engineers) welcomes you, to the company’s website, we are ready to offer you, comprehensive technical and Consulting Engineer.
Aim of Construction Tech Group is to design, monitor and manage for you, large and complex engineering projects.
The Construction Tech Group sales modern and elegant residences and land in Crete.
The services of our company Construction Tech Group is to deliver high standard architectural design, structural building designs, supervision and project management and real estate services. Also, building renovation - restoration, eco-friendly buildings and interior - exterior decoration. Finally our company can perform arbitary building legalization.


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Tommy Amundsen
Blåbærlia 22
2150 Årnes
Tel. (0047) 95175588
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Partner for Real Estate in Norway.
Vlazaki Niki - Georgopoulos Dimosthenis
Tel : 07453688376
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Partner for Real Estate in London
Kiagias George
Civil Engineer
Structural Design and Energy design
Tzougkaris George
Mechanical Engineer
Responsible for mechanical and Energy design
Papagiannis Andreas
Surveying Engineer
Supervisor Topographer
Karagiannis George
150K. Kartali Str, Volos
Tel : +30 698 2437535
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Attorney at Law

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About Construction Tech Group

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Construction Tech Group company


Construction Tech Group is one of the largest engineering firms in Crete, it operates in Chania and provides complete engineering services in the building design, supervision , project management and comprehensive technical support to any kind of engineering projects.

We distinguish for the exhaustion of the alternative design that meet both, our customers and our own architectural aspirations, and for the persistent surveillance, where we exert in every building.

Our goal is to undertake projects that we can complete successfully in a given time, with budgeted cost that it meet both, the owners requirements utilitarian and aesthetically ,and our own architectural expectations in design.

We believe that our customer's gratification is our advertising.

Construction Tech Group was founded in 1991 and continues up until now to create house plans, to provide supervision and to make constructions.

Our company consists of Architect, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Surveying Engineering.

Manager: Kassiani Zelialidou Vlazaki - Legends - Architect.

Our company is certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000, by the certification body TUV, in design, development and management architectural, technical projects and indegraded systems.

This gives to our company greater development and perspectives in regards cooperation with other companies, customers in Greece and abroad also it promotes innovative products and services

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The team
Vlazaki Nikoleta
Civil Engineer
Vlazaki Alexandra
Architect Engineer
Georgopoulos Dimosthenis
Civil Engineer
Bouzakis Fragiskos
Structural Engineer
Karagiannis Giorgos
Counsel - Lawyer
Loukaki Sofia
CAT designer

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